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Mac & PalmPilot user
Borrowed from Andrea Genre


Car plates for germany, switzerland and italy [old style] (Plucker)
-- 20/04/2005
List of 15000+ surnames for girls (DOC and iSilo) and boys (DOC and iSilo) for those who have to choose the name of a baby.
The basic list has been found I do not remember where on the net. I have merged this with several other lists of surnames used in France, Germany and Brittany (a good source can be found at The baby zone but they do not consider diacritics). -- 17/04/2000;
List of hôtels in Grenoble (HTML, JFile)
The data come directly from Grenoble tourism information 1998 leaflet (input by myself). This is the last update; for an interactive application look here -- 20/07/2000.;
Shuttle for Grenoble to/from Lyon-Satolas airport (TSV for memo)
valid until 27/04/2000 -- 20/12/99;
TGV trains from/to Grenoble to/from Paris (TSV for memo)
valid until 02/12/2000 -- 20/07/2000;
Flight and shuttle for Grenoble to/from Paris (TSV for memo)
valid until 25/03/2000 -- 22/11/99;
Map of Paris subway (ImageViewer) and RER (ImageViewer, 33k)
The images come in B&W (1bit) compressed ImageViewer format. They have been redrawn by myself from the RATP sources. They are more up-to-date than the actual GIFs distributed by RATP (01/98). However, I would strongly suggest using instead the Métro application because it computes accurately the path, it is free, it is up to date, it is generic (works for more network than you will use in your whole life), and comes with the complete RER+métro network. No m'am it does not print valid tickets. -- 19/11/99;
Map of French railways (ImageViewer)
in B&W (1bit) compressed ImageViewer format (25k). It is redrawn by myself from the SNCF sources. -- 19/10/98;
List of stout (and porter) beers (CSV for JFile, JFile)
The data come from various books, including Michael Jackson's and my own experience (in the tested field). The new release includes record gathered from the web (here are the best sites I've found for american porters and british stouts). I gladly accept any sample to improve my knowledge ;-) -- 20/11/98.;
French holliday schedules for 2001-2002 and 2002-2003 (TSV for memos).
Source: the ministery of education site. -- 11/02/2002;


Jean-Baptiste Clément's Le temps des cerises (in french, text, CSV for memo)
-- 3/9/98.
Aristotle complete logical works (in english, Doc)
Coming soon. The organon (I. Categories, II. On interpretation, III. Prior analytics, IV. Posterior analytics, V. Topics, VI. Sophistic refutations) originating from Internet Classics;
Charles Baudelaire's Les fleurs du mal (in french, Doc iSilo Plucker)
From the Athena RTF e-text version of the 1861 edition. -- 20/04/2005;
William Strunk's The elements of style (1918 edition, Doc)
From the Bartleby library HTML version of the 1918 edition. This one is better in book (so cheap, elaborate formatting and revised editions) -- 20/04/2005.;

Software I use (and used)

...on my PPPro 1MB system 2.0.5 (no hacks), PPPro Ext-2MB system 3.3 (no hacks) m500 system 4.0 (no hacks), Tungsten T3 system 5.2.1 (no hacks), Tréo 680 system 5.4.9 (no hacks), and now...

PPPro 1MB PPPro 2MB m500 Tungsten T3 Tréo 680
Cover Palm Stetson Innopocket alu Brando alu Custom
NameStarsVers.PriceSizeBugs Vers.PriceSizeBugs Vers.PriceSizeBugs Vers.PriceSize Vers.PriceSize Features looked for
JFile**** 3.2d20$63k 3.2d20$63k 5.0420$205k 5.6130$295k 5.6130$295k
iSilo*** 2.3612$556kr 2.5512$583kr 3.3512$5312k Export format available
Plucker**** 1.80273k 2004-12-180283k
Diddle*** 1.22034kS 1.23029kS 1.23029kS
TinyViewer**** 1.0407kR1.0407kR 1.0407kR incl. T3
TCPMP**** 0.71b0? 1.00672+208
BigClock** 1.61022k2.51042k 2.83032k 2.83032k 2.83t2070k
Units*** 1.11019k1.11019k 1.11019k 1.11019k 1.11019k
Métro**** 1.0b8024k1.3.6021k 5.0.1040k 5.3060k 5.9066k
CityZen*** 1.1b040k OS5 repl.
MahJongg**** 1.1a018kRSb1.1a018kRSb 1.1a018kRSb
FreeJongg**** 1.0c0k 1.0c0k
BlockParty** 1.0016kS1.0016kS 1.0016kS
Blocks** S 1.3.3062 1.4076
SuLite*** 0.2057k 0.3070k
Pinball*** 1.4076k 1.4076k 480
BuzzWord Bingo*** 1.1012k OS5 repl.
Tutor*** 1.1019kr1.1019kr 1.1019kr 1.1019k 1.1019k
Secret!** 2.0016k
PiloOTP** 1.0027k1.0027k incl. Strip 1.0
export Strip**** 0.5i033k 1.0048k 1.0048k 1.0048k Cut/Paste (solved in T3!)
LockMe*** 1.105k1.105k JotLoc-like pass! incl. POS 4.0
Filez**** 6.2060k 6.8.3060k 6.8.3060k slow on tréo
pz*** 0.7.1056k 0.7.1056k
BackupbuddyVFS**** 2.1210$92k 2.1510$92k 2.1510$92k
Sound Level** 1.007kL2.004kL 2.004kL
LauncherIII**** 1.4030kR1.52030kR 2.3b3060k OS5 repl.
Progect**** 0.26090k 0.29090k 0.30b6098k 480
BatteryPanel**** 0.02015k 0.02015k
DSTPanel**** 1.4015k incl. POS 5
NoteTaker*** 1.0.5033k Better GUI
PsMemo**** 1.0b200612086 Some bugs
Veo** 1.03 (6/3/2002)062k 1.03 (6/3/2002)062k dest on sync option
desk applications
**** 4.1b608+55k 5.1b608+55k
ClockSync!**** 2.000k 2.000k 2.000k
Earth & sun** 2.0-320067k 2.0-320067k 2.0-340061k
SunAngle*** 0.91038k 0.91038k 0.91038k
Feringa*** 0.02078
OpenChess** 3.00164
FastSync*** 1.008
BlueFang**** 1.7025
GraffityAnywhere*** 1.5.9053
McPhling**** 5.71061
PetitLaunch**** 1.0b18033
MiniTones**** 1.0053
SoundRec** 1.07029
TomTom Navigator**** 6.03099€66
Total ***32$5363kLRrSb32$5416kLRrSb 42$1.44MBLRrSb 30$1.44MB 129$

Bugs as given by PalmOS Emulator 2.0b3 for system 2.0.5 and Emilator 3.0a6 for system 3.3: (R) write CPU registers, (S) write screen, (L) write low level memory. Bugs as experienced by myself: (b) small discomfort (freezing), (r) leading to soft reset.

Check out http://www.palmopensource.com/ for free software.

Software I wrote

Export Palm Desktop for Mac to iCalendar format (AppleScript)
It took me years to turn around the half-completed scriptable capabilities of Palm Desktop, but now it is functionnal. -- 20/04/2005
Export a random set of iTunes MP3 to your Palm SD card (AppleScript)
The poor man's iPod Shuffle -- 20/04/2005
'PataCal: the perpetual pataphysical calendar
-- 30/7/2002.
TTCE: tax, tip and change calculations in a snap
-- 21/8/2002.
Perl script which convert MacIntosh Tab-separated value files of the MacPac 2 to a HTML file.
-- 9/12/98.

Software I miss

Decent mail conduit for Eudora/Mac
A good general purpose dictionnary software with good and supported french-german, french-english dictionnaries, inplace access, VFS support and open format
And what about that:

Funny sites


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