TTCE: Tax, Tips and Currencies in Euro


When you come from a country where the prices always include taxes, tips are banned, prices are expressed in another currency, and your bank will charge additional fee for the transaction, it is very difficult to have an idea of the price to be paid. This is especially true when several taxes apply (some of them also applying to taxes).
TTCE aims at quickly providing a raw estimate of the price to pay from the labelled price.
It can also retrocompute the tax, tip, change commission and exchange rate level (or retrocompute the price if you are looking for a fair price).
Additionally TTCE can split the bill in several parts
The rates can be stored in a database when they are clearly identified or recorded as the prefered values.

Beware: TTCE is provided as is. In particular it is not a financial or scientific calculator. Its purpose is to provide a raw estimate of the result. In no case, these results can be considered exact.

TTCE has been designed for being as intuitive as possible (see next paragraph for non intuitive aspects). You can either load it alone to your PalmOS running machine, or load as well the database for some predefined rates.

Caveats: I feel that there are four slightly non obvious things to understand:

As said above the computation does only provide raw estimates based on integer computation. But the computation scheme must be enough for many purposes. Here are the limitations of TTCE:

The name TTCE stands for "Tax, tips and currencies in Euro" or "Toutes taxes comprises en Euro" (meaning "all taxes included in Euro").

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Copyright and legal notice

The software "TTCE" described by and downloadable from this web page, hereafter named "the software", is Copyright (C) 1998, 2000-2002, Jérôme Euzenat.
Some parts of it are Copyright (C) 1999, Alan Harder

The software can be downloaded, executed, copied, modified, free of charge under the express condition that this legal notice remains with it and that all the copyright statements remains clearly visible.

All express warranties and all implied warranties, including the warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, of the software are disclaimed by the author.

The software is meant to be used by computer professionals able to evaluate the risks faced. The author is not liable for any damage whatsoever, direct or indirect, resulting from the use, reuse or performance of this software or its modified versions.

TTCE does only provide an idea of the amounts involved but not an accurate computation. It is thus non suitable for accountant or changing money. In particular, Euro conversions do not comply with EU rules.

By using the software, the user agrees to be bound by the terms of this notice. The author reserves the right to revise these terms at any time without notice by modifying the content of the present legal notice.

All company and product names may be trademarks of their respective owners and are gracefully acknowledged.

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The previous versions can be downloaded from the history section, they are available in source format with the prc included.


TTCE is registred with Palm under the TTCE, and TTCE Desk application under TTDA creator identifier.


TTCE is freeware. If you like it, drop a mail to freeee À free . fr.

Bug notification

You can notify bugs and comments to freeee À free . fr. Please, for bug reports, provide the kind of machines, extensions (memory...), OS version and revision, hacks and circumstances (available memory).


TTCE should work on PalmOS 2.0 and above. It has been reported to work on:
Palm m5004.0ENno
POSE 3.54.0ENno
POSE 3.53.5ENno
POSE 3.52.0ENno
Tungsten T35.2.1MLno


Correction of doubled input keys (55)
Beware new preference and database format
Added bank commission management
Added split and share feature
Added date field in each record
More rounding correction
Developped a more precise currency rate computation (rate computation has been completely rewritten)
Provided an initial database containing EURO conversion rates
Some rewritting
Color icon
Corrected a bug on currency selection (rate reset to 1 when first list was selected)
Corrected update of the rate when currencies have changed
Corrected the update of newly created object indicator
Revised navigation interface
Added the checkbox for the second tax (indicating cumulative tax)
Beware, new preference format
Database storing and fetching of tax, tips and curencies
New database and preference formats (with conversion)
Compiled on MacOS X
Unreleased version
First non working database implementation
Corrected URL in (i)
Inital minimal working version (no database)
Computation improved
Bug in some field editing fixed
Euro sign
Corrected copyright
Corrected "cancel" bug in editors
Suppressed initial list values
Unreleased version
Navigation logic and calc function implemented

Todo list


TTCE has been compiled on Linux (RedHat 6.2) (resp. MacOS X 10.1.5) with:

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