'PataCal: a perpetual pataphysical calendar


'PataCal provides the current date in the pataphysical calendar. It also allows you to choose the date (in either the pataphysical or the vulgar calendar) that will be displayed.

'PataCal for Android is a rewriting of 'PataCal for Palm.

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The software "'PataCal for Android" described by and downloadable from this web page, hereafter named "the software", is Copyright (C) 2010, Jérôme Euzenat.

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Download current version

The source file contains the git archive, it is thus possible to extract previous releases.

The previous versions can be downloaded from the history section.

About 'Pataphysics and its calendar

" 'Pataphysics is the science of imaginary solutions, which symbolicaly grants to the outlines, the properties of objects described by their virtualities " (La 'Pataphysique est la science des solutions imaginaires, qui accorde symboliquement aux linéaments les propriétés des objets décrits par leur virtualité)
as it is said in Alfred Jarry, Les gestes et opinions du Dr Faustroll (Gallimard/Poésie).
At least, it might not be science, but it is not gloomy science

'PataCal is based on the fourth edition of the official calendar of 1971 (4th edition) as reproduced in the magazine littéraire n°388 of juin 2000.

Origin: The pataphysical era starts on september 8th, 1873 (1 absolu 1).
Revolution: The pataphysical calendar is made of 13 months of 29 days each. Of these days, the 29th are imaginary days (hunyadis) but the 29th of gidouille and that of gueules in leap years. So the pataphysical years is of 365 (13x28+1) days long (366 on leap years).
Peculiarity: all 13th days are fridays.

More information on 'Pataphysics:

Signature and permissions

The official 'PataCal application is signed by euzenapk.

'PataCal does not require any permission.

'PataCal can be moved to SD cards.


'PataCal is freeware. If you like it, drop a mail to freeee À free . fr.

Bug notification

You can notify bugs and comments to freeee À free . fr. Please, for bug reports, provide the kind of machine, OS version, ROM, and circumstances.


  • New icon.
  • 28/03/20111.0.3
  • Erratum: Erratun is in fact Erratum.
  • 31/12/20101.0.2
  • Turned around HTC Locale bug (on some devices, vulgar date display does not work well: it seems that HTC skipped the in-ROM localisation).
  • 30/12/20101.0.1
  • Fully reengineered calendar engine
  • Added icon
  • Reorganised display
  • Display imaginary hunyadis
  • Added date choosers (Pataphysical and vulgar)
  • 08/12/20101.0
  • Initial working version (lost)
  • Known issues

    Todo list

    Software and compatibility

    'PataCal has been compiled on MacOS X 10.6 with the standard Android environment (command line only)

    It has been tested on Emulator (Android Dev Phone 1, Android 1.6), HTC Tatoo (Android 1.6) and HTC Desire (Android 2.2).


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